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Message from Fr Bob

Message from Fr Bob                                                                                                                      Tuesday, March 17, 2020


SEPARATED BUT UNITED - THE BODY OF CHRIST.   I keep thinking how hard it is for my mind to get around all that is happening.  I suspect that this is true for you as well.  We have gone through some tough times in the past few decades, but this is truly unique.  It is not the worst we have experienced, but it is a challenge. In the worst of times, who would think the church would stop Mass?  Not you or I!  This crisis has to be faced honestly and intentionally by us all.  We have to cooperate if we are going to end it as soon as we can. No one likes the church shut down, yet we are in unprecedented times.  We may be separated but we can be united in our intention, our patience and our solidarity as a Catholic people.  Please know that we are praying for you and your families.  Please offer a prayer for us as well.     


On a positive note, Fr. Brian has turned the corner of his treatment and is beginning to feel better. Thanks for your "prayer a day for Fr. Brian". It is working.  He still has a road ahead of him, but knowing our support and prayer is really helping him.  Keep it up.  


During this Lent 2020, who would have thought that we would be bearing this cross? Last Sunday, Jesus was thirsty at the well.  He will also express his thirst on the cross before He dies.  We are experiencing a variety of "thirsts" this Lent and in the coming weeks. Let us reflect on the "life-giving" waters that Jesus has given us, and realize how our suffering can be balanced by recalling the suffering of our Savior. He knows our pain. There are a lot of resources online and on TV with masses, etc. If you are feeling that need, please connect with them.  


God bless us all at this time. PEACE be with you.
Fr. Bob

SHARING OUR JOINT NEEDS - THE FINANCIAL CHALLENGE WE ALL FACE.    It is very clear that as the crisis continues, every sector of our country will face economic challenge: Families, Business, Institutions and Parishes - including ours. We want to let you know that we do understand the choices that you have to make. We ask that you consider our choices as well. We depend on any support that you can give us. ONLINE GIVING can really help us and I encourage you to join that. Also, we will be appreciative of any support you can give to the parish.  Gratefully, this past year, with your continued support, we have not had to borrow from our line of credit. Thank you so much. You have been generous in so many ways and we hope that you can continue to remember the parish with its liabilities just as you address your own.  May God and God's Spirit lead us through this incredible and mind-blowing experience.  


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