A Lengthy but Important Letter on A Major Decision on The Future of St. Ann And St. Brendan Parishes. 

January 17, 2020


A Note From Fr Brian

From Fr Brian I will be on health leave from the parishes beginning January 24 for medical treatment at Beth Israel Hospital. I have been diagnosed with a bone marrow disease called amyloidosis which causes proteins to settle in areas of the body which left untreated could lead to organ damage and failure. My team of doctors has recommended an autologous stem cell transplant along with chemotherapy which I have agreed to. The transplant will take place on January 28 and then I will remain under their care for about two weeks followed by rest and rehabilitation at my family home in Quincy. There is no definitive time frame but my intention is to remain as pastor and return to the collaborative once cleared by the doctors. Father Bob Connors has graciously offered to coordinate coverage and operations of the parishes during this time. I am grateful for his friendship and support during this challenging time in my life. Please pray for me and those who will be caring for me in the coming weeks.

August 11, 2019


A Note From Fr Brian


As I announced at the weekend Masses Cardinal Sean has appointed me to be Pastor of the Collaborative of Saint Ann and Saint Brendan after having served in Team Ministry with Father Bob. As Father Bob assumes new responsibilities in the Archdiocese as Episcopal Vicar for the South Region and Delegate to Senior Priests we are grateful for his dedication and service to the parishes. I am blessed to have him as a friend, brother priest and resident in the rectory for our own mutual fraternity and support. Pray for me as I continue to work with you, staff, leadership and parishioners, as

we best serve the ever changing Catholic community in Dorchester.


August 11, 2019


A Note from Fr Bob




With my vacation beginning Tuesday after the TV Mass, this weekend will effectively end my assignment as a Team Member with Fr. Brian at St. Ann and St. Brendan Parishes. (Officially, it is September 3 when the Team ends, Fr. Brian becomes Pastor, and I become Episcopal Vicar for the South Region.). As I noted in my announcement a few weeks ago, I want to reiterate my gratitude to Fr. Brian, the Leadership Team and all the parishioners of the two parishes. Although I will be living at St. Ann's, my place of work will be Braintree and the 58 parishes of the South Region. I know that at some point I will be helping out Fr. Brian, but for now, I leave you with gratitude for your welcome and support and sending God's blessings upon us all as we journey forward. May the Holy Spirit guide and grace us all.

Fr. Bob Connors


June 16, 2019



Basic Presentation by priests and comments


Agenda: Offering an accountability of our ministry for the past year:

(1) what has happened; (2) where we are; (3) the future for the Catholic presence in this area.

(1) REVIEWED WHAT HAS HAPPENED – A quick summary in 25 points!

A QUICK SUMMARY OF FINANCES. Due to good winter, better fiscal responsibility and less spending plus a modest increase in Offertory collections, a regular Second Collections, plus the Gala distribution ($44K each), we are in a positive cash flow at the moment. Still, we have prepared a deficit budget for the coming fiscal year. We are not close to the goals we set last year but will continue to address and face these issues.


We want to give credit to the people who have helped. We are keenly aware that many of the activities were planned and executed by the same people.

- Open Mass at park – 450 – great success!

- Faith Formation at both parishes, combined programs offered, mass attendance (14) required for Grades 1,2,7,8,9.

-Thanks to Paula, Linda and their staff of volunteers! Thanks for Noreen Kelly and her friends for the Sunday Family Mass preparation and collation.

- Increased Communication through letters, email, Flock Notes, etc. Increased transparency

- 12-hour fast for prayer for victims of Clergy Abuse

- Improved Liturgical Actions

- Eliminating Vigil 5pm Mass improved combined choir and offered possibility of evening weddings

- Children’s Choir reinstated

- Many “focused” family masses with blessings offered.

- Family-oriented Mass twice a month, addressing children directly

- Liturgy Learning offered by Fr. Bob

- Increased Liturgical Ministers, including a Ministers evening of prayer

- Servers increased as well as Lectors

- Music provided at all liturgies

- Elimination of the 11:30 SB Mass due to very low numbers (31)

- Adult Confirmation Program

- Special Lunch/Learning w/ Fr. Bob during Lent on Senior Spirituality

- Well planned Holy Week Services

- Lenten Programs and RCIA begun for next year’s Easter

- First Communions and May Procession and Crowning of Mary

- Continued outreach to Bostonian and Keystone with service and liturgy

- Free book given at all Christmas Masses about holiness

- Outreach to most of the local events. Showing up showing support.

- Great time at St. Ann 10K dinner

- Many efforts to encourage return to church: door-to-door, banners, flyers, lawn signs

- Letters of invitation, letter of financial accountability at Grand Annual time.

- Several emergency repairs – sink hole at SB, falling concrete front at SA. Thankful for some gifts given.



We believe that after a year, of observation, involvement, listening and many Leadership meetings, as well as four Open Meetings, we have reached a plateau of attendance and income over the past six months. Attendance is relatively the same as last June; Income, up, thanks to online giving, but leveled off as well. In fact, both attendance and income have decreased. In the past five weekends, less than 500 people have attended the four masses offered. (less than 250 at each church). We need to accept the fact that throughout the country and esp. in the Northeast, all organized religions are losing participants and income, and that is true for the parishes of the Archdioceses. There are some pockets of growth and success, but overall, it is a fact that decreases are more probable in the future than increases. This is not pessimism… but fact!


We are at a point where we must decide how to face the future. Can both parishes exist as they have been, struggling to get by ? Yes, for a while. But, it is day-to-day, hand-to-mouth operation and will not address the continued deterioration of the buildings with no money to care for them. But buildings and finances are not the priority.

**Our PRIMARY concern is people!!!

-The vast majority of mass attenders are over 60 – probably not future volunteers. (they did their work! We thank you!)

-The average number attending each church weekly over the past year is 300/325. (Less now)

-Income has leveled off. Consistent money comes in through online giving but is not complemented by going to church. -Without increased younger people, who will volunteer? Too often, we see the same few people doing all the work. We appreciate their incredible effort, but they can’t do it all, all the time. As noted above, we thank them profusely for their work.

TWO GENERAL OPTIONS with specifics to be determined seem feasible:

     (1) Priest maintains the parishes, providing “service” as needed without any other issues or change being directly addressed, esp. long term; Priest takes care of immediate needs, (mass, sacraments, sick calls). [By the way, this is true for many of our parishes – it is the honest reality.] This choice would last until a major building problem can’t be repaired. Then, it will be too late to plan, prepare for future—but it is more about active members!


(2) Commitment to address the long-term presence of the Catholic Church in this area. Helping one another (through the deep emotion) to understand the reality and make a difficult, direct decision, together, to assure a vibrant and effective Catholic presence in this area. Yes, it may take sacrifice, but we will prepare it for future generations.


     Re: Schools: both priests maintain a relationship with PJPII Academy;

     Re: SB School. We see no reason for SB School to not continue in the foreseeable future. It is paying its bills, is doing a great job of education. Very well supported by the school families.

     Pastorally, it is well known that Fr. Brian will be alone as Pastor come January 1. Fr. Bob will become a Senior Priest and leaving the parishes. That will mean some changes necessary for his ministry and well-being. No other priest will be assigned.

     Our Approach is to continue to ask this question: How will the Church best serve the people in this area in the next 10 years? How will with Church best maintain a presence in this area? We can maintain the status quo (option 1) or courageously move forward (Option 2). ALWAYS trusting in the Holy Spirit and our trust in one another to do what we know is best.


     Finally, we hope we have ministered to you well over the past year. We never came to close a parish and we never came to maintain the status quo. Our purpose here is to minister so that it builds your relationship to Jesus Christ. We will continue to do so – That is the accountability question isn’t it? We have led you for a year. Has your spiritual life, your relationship to Jesus changed at all? If not, have we been successful pastors or just maintenance men? A great reflection for us all . Have we succeeded or failed you?

     In conclusion, THANK YOU. We have not regretted coming to Dorchester. Yes, it is a great challenge and we want the best for the future. Thank you for the support that you have given us. We are grateful and ask God’s blessings on you and your families



     -Using “plateau” seems negative. Focus on the positive. (note: for the last 5 weeks attendance is below the plateau of a few months ago. Facing the facts is not easy….but you deserve to know the facts.)

     -Increase 2nd Collections for specific issues, like maintenance. (We have a 2nd collection from Diocese or for Parishes every week now, and will re-evaluate that practice in the Fall.)

     -Do we have a Mission Statement? (No, due to postponing the Pastoral Planning for the Collaborative a few years ago.)

     -Do we have a Maintenance Plan? (No, we are just about able to address emergencies)

     -Could we think about a Capital Campaign? (It can be on agenda for FinCom)

     -It would be good if there could be greater connection of school parents and the SB parish. (Focus on school not parish has been a reality for years!)

     -Suggest demolishing both convent and Gallivan Blvd house to relieve us of that financial burden.

     -Should be more news about Academy as there is for St. Brendan School (Academy is not part of St. Ann Parish. They do submit bulletin announcements.)

     -Could children at St Brendan go to mass more often than once a week?

     We ended with prayer, thanked all for coming and will now meet with Leadership this Monday night to look to what is next.


Opening meeting letter

May 28, 2019

15 Rita Road ∙ Dorchester, Massachusetts 02124-5321

617.436.0310                                                                                                              Fax 617.436.1386

Joint Parish Open Meeting
Monday, June 10, 2019 – 7:00pm – 8:30pm

at St. Brendan Church

It has been over a year since we joined your parishes and time has flown by. Overall, we are
pleased with the relationship we have with so many. It has been a year of good collaboration and
great challenge (we never thought it would be easy). At this Open Meeting, we would like to offer
you a review of the past year, where we are now, and a prognosis for the future. We invite you to
attend this meeting and to offer your helpful suggestions and insights. Just a reminder of our
guidelines to hear your constructive ideas moving us forward not looking back.


As you know, last June, at the beginning of over 20+ meetings, the Leadership of the two parishes
(Parish Council and Finance Committees) suggested setting up five “benchmarks” to help us
evaluate our vision and progress. Despite some initial impressions (and still continuing) that we
had come to “close the parishes,” we stressed that the Archdiocese wanted to give the parishes a
strong leader support in order to address some significant issues including decreased participation
and income, financial crisis, significant loans and deteriorating buildings. These facts were
difficult to accept but were realities we faced head on as the two of us willingly accepted the
pastoral leadership of the collaboration.


Our primary goal has always been to observe, judge and act on behalf of the Catholic community
in this area. How will the Church best minister to the Roman Catholic community in these sections
of Dorchester - effectively now and especially in the future? As you know, Fr. Bob will become
a Senior Priest at the end of December and Fr. Brian will assume the pastoral leadership of the
parishes. With that reality fast approaching, we must work together for an effective, honest
pastoral plan – decisions that will aide Fr. Brian who will be leading alone.


As we will report, you should be very proud of the efforts made by the Leadership and other
parishioners from both parishes to address the issues with personal effort, creative ideas, valiant
outreach to the community and enhancing the liturgical and sacramental life of the parishes. We
appreciate the ongoing input from those who are with us regularly and supportive by their presence
and activity in the collaborative parishes.


This review and evaluation meeting will offer you an accountability of our ministry over the past
year. We will share our honest perspective based on the “facts” and “data” of what has happened.
Given those facts, we hope that you can help us to choose wisely our path going forward. For that
discernment and those decisions, we trust the Holy Spirit to guide us.


Please join us at St. Brendan Church on June 10 at 7pm. As always, thank you for your support
and prayers. 
Our prayer is always for you and your families.

Fr. Brian Clary       Fr Bob Connors


May 17, 2019


OPEN MEETING AND UPDATE. We realized it has been some time since our last open meeting so we have set Monday, June 10th at 7pm at St. Brendan Church, as the time and place of our next Open Meeting.  Fr. Brian and Fr. Bob will give a review of the past year, an evaluation of the present, and a perspective on the future of the two parishes.  Our presentation will be followed, as always, with comments and concerns you may want to express.  As noted in our last meeting, the only guideline to discussion will be constructive ideas and comments.

With the season well underway, we are planning on having a blessing of all baseball/softball players/teams on Saturday, June 2, at the 4:00pm Mass at St. Brendan.  THIS WILL BE A JOINT PARISH BLESSING BECAUSE JUNE 3 IS DOT DAY.  We invite all players to come in their uniforms to the 4pm and receive a special blessing.  Again, this invitation is for BOTH PARISHES.  May you all have a great season.  

FAMILY LITURGY ENDS JUNE 16. We will suspend the children focus on Father's Day for the summer, resuming in September.  

We will begin our summer liturgies downstairs in the A/C of St. Brendan and St. Ann on weekend of June 22/23 until the end of September.  




April 5, 2019


Encouraged by the Archdiocese and affirmed by the Leadership, soon we will be putting the St. Ann Convent and the St.

Brendan Gallivan Blvd. house out to the market to ascertain what type of interest there is in leasing the properties. These
are the only two being listed at present and we are under no obligation to accept a proposal, but it may give us a better
idea of their lease potential.


We realized it has been some time since our last open meeting so we have set Monday, June 10, at St. Brendan Church, as the time and place of our next Open Meeting. Fr. Brian and Fr. Bob will give a review of the past year, an evaluation of the 
present, and a perspective on the future of the two parishes. Our presentation will be followed, as always, with comments and concerns you may want to express. As noted in our last meeting, the only guideline to discussion will be constructive ideas and comments.

As you know, the front façade of St. Ann, specifically the halo of one of the statues, has deteriorated and pieces of cement 
have fallen so we had to block off a small area. We have received a repair estimate of $9800. The contractor also included his concern that there are serious water eroding problems with the front of the church. The estimate for that repair is $32,000. We will consult with the Archdiocese on how to address the problem financially and keep you informed.

Last week a significant and deep sink hole opened up next to the foundation of St. Brendan Church. It has been filled in,
but that may be temporary and water problems seem to be escalating. The handicap ramp wall seems to be leaning in a
bit as well and the front steps are cracking and deteriorating presenting a safety issue as well.

March 31. 2019

Sorry that we have not included the Leadership notes for the past month or so. There have been only a few meetings which center on moving forward with the best way to address our financial concerns as well as how best to serve the community in the future. There is a lot of sensitivity to the past, emotions, connection and value that people have in the two parishes. We are very aware of that issue. There is also a need for a more proactive approach to our discussions so that we are planning for the future and not just focusing all our energies on preserving the past. Right now, it is clear over the past few months that we have reached a "plateau" in terms of offertory collection and participation. In fact, there has been a slight decline in both overall. So where do we go from here? We start a discussion on what is the best way to move into the future that will provide an effective, faith-filled, informed and prayerful community. There are no decisions or hidden agendas, but rather, an openness necessary to help everyone increase their relationship to the Lord in prayer and in action in our daily lives. At the present time, we are looking at the pros and cons of all options and seeing where that will take us. Keep the Leadership in your prayers.


LEADERSHIP MEMBERS NEEDED FOR ST. ANN. We have a opening in the Parish Council and in the Finance Committee for St. Ann. If you are interested in being a member and helping us to move forward (see above) please let Fr. Bob or Fr. Brian know, or call the office and leave your information and we will be in touch with you. Thanks for considering this important role and responsibility.​


February 15, 2019


March 6 is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Season of Lent and an opportunity to reflect on our rela-
tionship with the Lord, whose passion and death will be the focus of our prayer before we celebrate the most

Holy Week of our faith life – Resurrection and New Life! We hope that you will use the Season to increase
your relationship, perhaps in the three-fold suggestions of Ash Wednesday – prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
Our collaborative will also offer some help and opportunities.


ASH WEDNESDAY – Liturgy and the Distribution of Ashes.
St. Ann and St. Brendan will have a 9:00am for the School and all are invited to attend.
St. Brendan will have a Service of the Distribution of Ashes at 4:00pm.
St. Brendan will have a Mass and Distribution of Ashes at 5:30pm.
St. Ann will have a Mass and Distribution of Ashes at 7pm.


SOUP AND STATIONS. Friday evenings at St. Ann. Fr. Brian will lead this special prayer followed by a
simple meal of soup, salad and bread in the Academy. VOLUNTEER COOKS are needed. Please sign up to
bring a meatless soup and/or salad. We will provide all else. There are sign-up lists at both churches.


SENIOR ADULT FAITH FORMATION. Too often, we think that faith formation ends with Confirmation,
or worse, that it stops as we get older. NOT TRUE! On the Tuesdays of Lent starting Tuesday, March 19, at
the Office, Fr. Bob will lead a learning and discussion on growing in my faith as I grow older. We will
provide a simple sandwich meal starting at 12Noon and ending at 1:30.


RECONCILIATION AND PENANCE. We remind you that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is always
available from 3:15-3:45 before the 4pm Mass at St. Brendan. Also, call and make an appointment any time
with either of the priests.


SPECIAL EVENING OF RECONCILIATION. Monday evening, April 15, from 7pm – 8pm, we will be
available for confession.


STARTING IN LENT – MARCH 6. Just a reminder that this happens with Lent:
-Communion under both species as an option returns on March 7

-Daily Mass returns to St. Ann Church on Thursday and Fridays
-The 5pm Mass on Saturday at St. Ann ends on March 2.

February 8, 2019

COMBINING MASS ON SATURDAY EVENING. Last October, Fr. Brian and Fr. Bob asked the Leadership Team to consider eliminating the 5 o'clock Mass at St. Ann's on Saturday. The primary reason is beginning to address the fact that Fr. Brian
will be alone after December and it is impossible for one priest to celebrate WELL, liturgies that are one hour apart. ALSO, we have many wedding requests for 5:30 on Saturday, which we cannot honor under 
the present system. So cutting out one is necessary. Beginning to address some of the one-priest realities will continue during this year. The Leadership were asked the best way to address this issue, knowing that St. Ann community would be upset. We suggested that several parishes in the Archdiocese have compromised two churches by alternating the place each six months - 6 months at St. Brendan, 6 months at St. Ann. The consensus was that doing that would leave St. Brendan with only one mass on Sunday during that alternative time. The result was going back to simply eliminating the 5 at St. Ann. That will give two masses at SB and two masses at SA. Next was the timing. We had suggested the beginning of Advent or the end of the year, but the Leadership wanted to postpone it a bit more and get through the winter. So, we have settled on the beginning of Lent. Beginning on Saturday evening of the First Sunday in Lent, March 9, there will be no 5 o'clock Mass at St. Ann's. In the coming weeks, Fr. Brian and Fr. Bob will be sharing with the community a formed perspective on the priest in the parish and some of the concerns that all parishes are facing in the future. If you have a
mass already scheduled for 5pm, please contact Amy to reschedule. Thank you for understanding this difficult decision.


TRANSITIONING BACK. On Ash Wednesday, there will be a 9am daily Mass at each church with distribution of ashes. Daily Mass on Thursday and Friday will also return to St. Ann’s at this time.

January 25, 2019

FIRST  RECONCILIATION.  We want to wish God's blessings on the children who are receiving First Reconciliation this weekend at St. Ann's and next Saturday at St. Brendan.  Often we miss the point of how important it is to humbly come before our God to acknowledge our sinfulness and to ask for forgiveness -- and then... to GET IT!  It is the GRACE of the sacrament that has all its value.  May this "first" opportunity not be the "last" for these young penitents.  God bless them and we than the catechists who have taught them and the parents who have supported them.



PINK SLIP MASS ATTENDANCE EXTENSION.  Given the calendar set up for the year, it has come to our attention that Grades 7,8,9 did not get their Mass Attendance Pink Slips as early as we thought.  For that reason, we will extend the time for attending the 14 liturgies until the last Sunday of June.  Grades 1 and 2 need to have the 14 attendance by the last Sunday of April.  First Communion is the following week. Grade 2 students who have not completed the attendance will receive First Communion as soon as they do.  We will work those dates out for the convenience of the family.  



January 6, 2019

COLLABORATIVE NOTES WINTER'S CAUTION FOR ALL.  During the winter months, we will suspend offering the cup at our liturgies with an abundance of caution during the flu season. We will resume the offering on Ash Wednesday.


SAVING ON HEAT. SAVING YOU MONEY. All of the 9:00am Daily Masses will now be at the St. Brendan Chapel eliminating heating the entire church at St. Ann's for two days, using it for less than two hours. We expect to resume Thursday and Friday daily liturgies at St. Ann's in the early Spring.  


November 30, 2018


A GALA SUCCESS!!!  So much gratitude must be given to Sheila McCarthy and her entire committee for a wonderful night, an incredible amount of work and a huge success. They are hopeful that the final tally will be close to $100,000. WOW!
Thanks to every sponsor, every person who bought a ticket, raffle, or helped in any way.  Also, for the wonderful decorations.  It was quite the night. Thanks to Mayor Walsh for his excellent auctioneer skills.  God bless you all. 



Please feel comfortable to share your constructive idea with the leadership of the parishes. Below is a list of the members and their email addresses.

St. Ann’s Parish Council
Elizabeth Lee Angell
Mark Hegarty
Michael Flynn Jr
Stefanie O’Shea


St. Ann’s Finance Council
Tine Higgins
Jim Hunt
May Lou O’Connor


St. Brendan’s Parish Council
Christine Mannion
Christine McLaughlin
Bill Sansone
Tom Tobin


St. Brendan’s Finance Council
Larry Feeney
Eric Perschke
Mike Ryan

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